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Why Cold Formed Steel?

The future of construction lies in sustainable materials that are delivered using fast modern methods. Cold Formed Steel can result in faster build times, lower costs, versatile design solutions and a durable, practical solution to premium buildings.

The Advantages of building with steel
TAYNR Steel Frame system enables architectural and design flexibility that is cost efficient, sustainable, durable and safe with exceptional resistance to fire, corrosion and pests. Steel frames last longer, is light and easy to transport and has has been proven to withstand severe bushfire. It has a structural integrity that keeps it straight, true and most importantly safe.

Cost Effective and Quick to Build
Construction is quick and simple with TAYNR Steel Framing System. This allow high quality results, using low-cost, low-skilled labor and shorter timeframes.

Strong and Design Flexibility
Steel’s inherent strength enables architectural and design flexibility - allowing long spans and curves to be easily incorporated into functional designs.

Durable and Safe
Thanks to exceptional resistance to fire, corrosion ans pests, steel framed buildngs are the first choice for extreme environmental conditions. Because steel doesn’t need treating with pesticides, preservatives or glues, it’s also safer for people handling and living or working around it.

Environmentally Friendly
Steel framing lasts longer, is light and easy to transport and creates minimal raw material waste. At the end of its long life, steel can also be fully recycled.

Fire Resistant
Steel frame housing components have been tested and proven to withstand severe bush fire temperature of more than 1000ºC.

Earthquake Tested and Pest Resistant
The structural integrity of steel frame houses has demonstrated in full-scale simulations that it stays straight, true and most importantly safe, combined with their resistance to pests and decay, insurance companies often offer lower premiums on policies underwritten for metal buildings.

Remove the inaccuracies and material waste of traditional CFS stud & track framing and timber systems. Implementing the TAYNR system saves time on site and allows precise installation of internal partitioning, apartment and commercial office walls. Engineered to achieve code compliant fire and acoustic ratings, the TAYNR system is easy to specify and install.


Flexible, reliable commercial storage and warehousing needs to be built rapidly and affordably to respond to growth. The TAYNR System provides everything required to implement this type of commercial construction – from building design to manufacture and onsite training. TAYNR industrial solutions offer a wider span ideal for industrial, agricultural and warehousing facilities. These structures can also be fitted with mezzanine floors, canopies & Cold Formed Steel interior partitions.

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​​​Cold Formed Steel Framing Systems

    - Off-site prefabrication ​

      - Allows for faster construction

    ​    - Reduction in highly skilled labor

      ​    - Versatility and precision of design 

            - Creates less waste, less than 1%

              - Faster return of investment


The highly accurate and accelerated production of the TAYNR system means that walls, trusses and joists can be prefabricated off site at rapid speed. The streamlined TAYNR roll forming equipment takes up minimal space and allows for easy assembly. Gain a greater degree of quality control in a factory environment compared to on-site construction. The efficient and accurate nature of prefabrication allows projects to be produced accurately to design and specification. 



Modular construction refers to taking factory-produced pre-engineered building units and delivering them to site. They’re then assembled as large elements of a building, the light weight nature of TAYNR Cold Formed Steel makes modular units to be transported and installed on site in a fast and cost-saving manner. Designed and developed to be robust and cost-effective, TAYNR steel framing is ideal for transportable utility buildings such as barracks, offices, and cabins.


TAYNR Cold Formed Steel construction allows developers to meet tight timelines without compromising on quality and allows fast construction of Mid-Rise buildings including; apartments, commercial office buildings, hotels, aged care facilities and more. Because of the time saving and quality assurance gained by CFS across a wide selection of applications, it's obvious why TAYNR system is The Way the World Constructs.


  • Structural Integrity​
  • ​​Cost Effectiveness
  • Design Driven
  • Sustainable Living​
  • ​Modular / Mobile

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