Shipping container homes are the hallmarks of architectural innovation. ISBUs (Intermodal Steel Building Units) are reused as structures for any place and for any purpose. Be it a home, office, or a palace, shipping containers are inexpensive and durable buildings for residential, commercial and even industrial use.

  • Storage containers can stand superior in the face of building codes.
  • Since they are originally built for transport, they can be easily moved when they need to be.
  • They can withstand practically any extreme weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Career Opportunities

James Roberts

Make impact, celebrate wins, and win as a team in our exciting, fast-paced environment.  We are growing rapidly, which means unlimited opportunities for you to do the best work of your life. ​ ​Join a workforce of incredibly talented, dedicated, and creative people. 

At TAYNR, our Realtors and property managers are more than just that - they're cohorts and comrades of world-leading visionaries.  When you surround yourself with the best, you rise to their level.  If you're looking for an incredible work experience, we want you.  Here's what we're looking for:

  • ​creative problem-solving
  • eye for design and innovation
  • strong work ethic ​
  • clear idea of success 

If you're looking for something different and are a confident, unique, brilliant individual with a great eye and even better taste, you're already one of us.  Let's talk.