​​What sizes are offered?

The measurements of the containers are generally categorized by their length and two options for height.

“Standard” = 8’6” or “High-cube” = 9’6”

20’ Long x 8’ Wide = 160 sf
40’ Long x 8’ Wide = 320 sf
45’ Long x 8’ Wide = 360 sf
53’ Long x 8’6" Wide = 450 sf  *53' units are 6" wider.  We do not use 53' containers due to the logistical challenges and added costs.

What are the additional costs to consider?
Consultation & Design  (Concept plan and City/County consultation)
Engineering  (Permitting plan set)
Delivery  (Estimates available)
Foundation  (Requirements pending local code)
Utility connections  (Estimates available after site survey)


How long does it take to build one?
The build process takes approximately 6-8 weeks for our prefab design up to 640sf with standard finish options.  Custom build units can take longer.  The permit process will vary upon the local code approval.


What about codes and zoning?
Codes and zoning will differ depending on the City/County that the unit will be placed and how it will be secured. Typical building code options are Factory Built Housing (FBH), Housing & Urban Development (HUD), and Tiny Home on Wheels (THOW).  We work with your respective planning office to ensure compliance before building begins.


How are they heated/cooled?
A high efficiency mini-split heating and air conditioning system is used as a standard.  Larger residential or commercial properties may call for a conventional split or pack system. 


How are they insulated?
The units are insulated using a combination of eco-BAT or closed-cell insulation and multi-ceramic thermal reflection exterior coatings.  (walls R-19, ceilings R-38)  Our insulation practices typically meet or exceeds most building requirements.


How are the utilities hooked up?
The utilities tie-in will vary pending the availability of pre-existing utility layout or if new utilities will be required.


How are they delivered and installed?
Properties with an average flat grade will be delivered by tilt-bed/roll-off trailer.

Properties with a sloped grade or obstacles will be delivered on a flat-bed trailer and set by crane.


What is the foundation?
Depending on the structure, site grade, and local code; we can use one of five options:

Slab on grade  (Not recommend for container builds because of the unnecessary cost)
Stem wall 
Concrete pier 
Concrete block or Steel tripod with ground anchor system  (Smaller and temporary settings)
Gravel  (Smaller personal property and storage units without plumbing)